16 September 2018

We Won't Stop Protesting Until Justice Is Served to Rape Victims

The brutal gang rape and murder of a 13-year old Nirmala Panta has sparked outrage and anger across Nepal.

The rape and murder of a 13-year-old girl and indifference of the government to bring the perpetrators to book has highlighted political protection to the rapists, right activists have claimed.

A ninth-grade student Nirmala Panta was raped and murdered in Kanchanpur, a far-western districtof Nepal on 27 July 2018. The government has done little to bring the "real perpetrator" to book even after 50 days of the incident. The indifference of the government and inefficiency of the police toward the incident has sparked nation-wide protest and outrage.
On 15 September 2018, thousands of people across the country have protested against sexual violence and called on the government to take immediate action.

Though the 2012 incident and subsequent protests led to legal reforms that imposed harsher punishments on rapists and struck the requirement of a physical struggle between a victim and her attacker to qualify as rape, sexual violence remains a widespread problem in India.

Students, civil society leaders, activists and others held placards and shouted slogan against the horrifying rape incidents and silence of the government on the recent rape cases.  Some glimpses of the rally taken place in Kathmandu is presented in this blog post.


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