29 August 2019

12 August 2019

12 March 2019

Open the data

To establish open government practices, concerned authorities should empower citizens by updating and disclosing information and data proactively

March 2 marked ninth International Open Data Day. According to opendataday.org, 185 events were registered for organizing talks, seminars, demonstrations, hackathons, training and announcement of open data releases or other milestones in open data all over the world. This was an opportunity to show the benefits of open data and encourage adoption of open data policies among government, business and civil society fraternities.
Open data should be freely available to everyone to use and republish as per the need, without restrictions of copyright, patents or other mechanisms of control. Open data, in reference to government data, is the proactive publication of unpackaged and open format government information, which can be reused and repackaged for different uses by audiences. By providing access to comprehensive, timely and detailed data, Open Data enables new forms of civic participation in decision-making processes. Access to information increases citizen’s access to information to public sectors. There are two major ways of accessing information—information disclosed proactively and information received following requests (reactive), under Right to Information (RTI) Act. The effective use of both these means can lead to a healthy ecosystem for accessing government information. Read more.......

25 January 2019

Boating in Pokhara

Boating in Nepal provides some fine opportunities to boating in Pokhara’s Phewa Lake. It is the most popular destination for travelers wanting to indulge in recreational boating. These range from the glacier-fed lakes up North and down to where the laden rivers ease into the plains of the Terai. It is the second largest lake in the kingdom and measures roughly 1.5 by 4 km. Its eastern shore, also known as Lakeside or Baidam, is the center of tourist activity in Pokhara.
Begnas and Rupa Tal are located 15 km out of Pokhara at the end of a road that turns off the Kathmandu highway. Both these lakes offer some splendid boating opportunities. Phewa, Begnas and Rupa Lakes were all part of the body of water that once filled the Pokhara valley.

04 January 2019

Pokhara: some clicks

Pokhara (Nepali: पोखरा) is a metropolitan city in Nepal. It is the country's second largest city in terms of population after the capital Kathmandu since Pokhara and Lekhnath were merged to create Pokhara Metropolitan City in May 2017.  It is the provincial capital of Gandaki Pradesh and headquarters of Kaski District. Pokhara is located 200 kilometres (120 miles) west of the capital Kathmandu. The altitude varies from 827 metres (2,713 feet) in the southern part to 1,740 metres (5,710 feet) in the north.  The Annapurna Range with three of the ten highest mountains in the world — Dhaulagiri, Annapurna I and Manaslu — is within 15–35 mi (24–56 km) of the valley. Due to its proximity to the Annapurna mountain range, the city is a base for trekkers undertaking the Annapurna Circuit through the Annapurna Conservation Area region of the Annapurna ranges in the Himalayas. Pokhara is home to many Gurkha soldiers. It is also considered as one of the tourism capital of Nepal.


10 November 2018

Dashain and Tihar Collection

Nepal is a country rich in culture and traditions. The varieties of festivals and occasions we celebrate carry their own significance. The main festivals of Nepalese are the Dashain and the Tihar which they choose to celebrate with their close friends, relatives and family.

27 September 2018

सम्झनाको सम्झनामा दीप प्रज्वलन (तस्बिरहरु)

एसिड आक्रमणमा परेर ज्यान गुमाएकी १७ वर्षीय सम्झना दासको सम्झनामा काठमाडौंमा दीप प्रज्वलन गरिएको छ । रेज अगेन्स्ट एसिड भिक्टिमस् ह्यासट्याग समूहले बिहीबार साँझ माइतीघर मण्डलामा मृत आत्माको चीरशान्तिको कामना गर्दै कार्यक्रम आयोजना गरेको हो ।चन्द्रनिगाहपुर-६, रौतहटकी सम्झनाको सोमबार उपचारको क्रममा कीर्तिपुर अस्पतालमा मृत्यु भएको हो । सम्झना र उनकी बहिनी सुस्मितामाथि २६ भदौ राति एसिड प्रहार भएको थियो । उनीहरूलाई एसिड प्रहार गरेको आरोपमा छिमेकी रामबाबु दासलाई प्रहरीले पक्राउ गरेको छ ।