24 October 2017

Traffic Police of Kathmandu

Traffic police in Kathmandu are continuously exposed to air pollution and are at an increased health risk. More than 90% of the traffic police mentioned that difficulty in breathing was a major sign and symptom when they get respiratory problems. Among the ways, the use of mask and regular health checkup can prevent the effects of air pollution. The majority of the traffic police used masks during duty hours and had rotation in duty areas in order to prevent respiratory problems.
The level of knowledge among the traffic police is adequate, but the level of practice on prevention of respiratory health problems is not satisfactory. Association of level of practice was observed with working experience but not with education of the traffic police in Kathmandu. It is the responsibility of the government and concerned authorities to deal with the issues and derive effective and sustainable solutions to ensure better health of traffic police in the city. (Source:https://www.hindawi.com/journals/isrn/2015/716257)


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