17 July 2017

Clear conscience wards off social evils

 July 11, 2017 08:56 AM Pramod Bhattarai In Republica 
One of the major social problems in Nepal is domestic violence. The main reasons for domestic violence are the use of alcohol and drugs. Intoxicants as such distort our feelings, conscience and activities. They make our nerves weaker, resulting in diseases like high blood pressure and tuberculosis. Substance abuse also results in family conflict and animosity among friends. To prevent this, guardians should be psychologically attentive towards their kids from an early age.  
Girl trafficking has been another pertaining problem in our society. Many girls in rural areas are sold by their own family for economic prosperity. This happens mostly in families with poor financial status and due to lack of awareness. In order to discourage such activities, campaigns against girls trafficking should be intensified. For this, guardian’s supervision, formal and informal education as well as employment-based education should be promoted.
Another problem in our society is that people tend to become extravagant during occasions such as marriage and threading ceremony just for show-off. Attending fairs, picnic and festivals is also an unnecessary show of wealth. Such tendencies should be discouraged. There should be a policy for spending within the limits of one’s earnings.
Similarly, the existence of discrimination against women in today’s world is a pitiful condition. Despite the fact that more than half of the world population is women, they are unfortunately suffering from various types of torture and suppression. Philosopher Aristotle said, “The progress of a nation virtually depends on the progress of women.” Education should be taken as the main resource to solve gender biasness.


  1. I appreciate you work so much! Thanks for writing on such important social topics! Domestic violence can happen to anyone. It has nothing to do with poverty, or race, or creed. It's nonsense that when a domestic violence survivor seeks a divorce, she will most likely be faced with lots of problems. Did you know that divorce based on this ground is one of the most complicated and unclear?

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