25 November 2013

Social problems in Nepal

A girl doing house's work in Bajhang, Nepal

The use of alcohol and drugs creates evils and defects on the feeling ,conscious and activities of people . The use of these evil things may make our nerves weaker and we may suffer from diseases like blood pressure ,tuberculosis,etc. It future results into family conflict and animosity among friends. To prevent it, guardians should be psychologically very attentive towards them right their age.  We should raise public awareness about the possible evils upon the society.
Girls trafficking has been a problem in our society. Girls are persuaded and brought abroad by influencing the guardians from economic point of view and pretending to establish marital relationship. This problem is very serious among the economically week and disadvantaged societies. The guardians are so forced through various influences that they are obligated to sell their daughters and/or sisters. Therefore, in order ti discourage such activities, the campaign against girls trafficking should be strengthened. For this, things like guardian’s supervision, formal and informal education, employment based education etc. Should be promoted. Similarly, as a social evil, there is a tendency of unnecessary expenditure and show. To spend a lot of money on such occasions as marriage and threading ceremony, fashion; clothing and ornaments has misdirected the society. Attending fairs, picnic and festivals is also an unnecessary show of health. Such tendencies should be discouraged. There should be the policy of spending within limits of earnings. The necessities should be classified and should be classified according to their importance lopsided thinking that people can be considered great when they spend more should be one should never live beyond his/her mean.
                 Another problem is the discrimination against women. Despite the fact that more than half of the world population is of women and they are supposed to be like one of the two wheels vehicle they are unfortunately suffering from various types of torture and suppression. Philosopher Aristotle said, “The progress of a nation virtually depends on the progress of women.” Education should be taken as the main resource to solve the various social problems. We can root out social problems like backwardness, poverty etc. with the help of education.

Our principal social problems are gambling, theft, dacoity, vandalism, rape, corruption, bribing, child marriage etc. the causes that create the social problems are lack of education and consciousness, population growth unemployment, poverty etc. Social problems give birth to social evils. They ultimately may destroy the whole nation and society. Therefore, it is essential to identify the social problems and follow the measures for their solutions.


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