27 January 2017


Khaptad is an elevated plateau that consists of such grassland or meadows (called Patan in Nepali) between the sub alpine landscapes. Khaptad National park is located on the far western region of Nepal and spread over fours district – Doti, Bajhang, Bajura & Achham. In fact the boundaries of the four districts meet at a point in Khaptad.

Khaptad National park is 225 sq.km with highest point at 3212m. The Khaptad national park is named after Khaptad Baba who moved in the area in 1940ies to meditate and worship.
Trek through the rolling hills of the Khaptad National Park (about 3,000 m) through subtropical forest of Chir pine at lower altitude, and sub alpine forests of fir, hemlock, oak and rhododendron in the higher areas. The area boasts of 224 species of medicinal herbs and is described as the living garden of herbs and a museum of natural history. It is estimated that about 567 species, 11 percent of flowering plants of Nepal, are found in Khaptad.

The park also offers excellent bird-watching opportunities, with 270 species of birds, the common ones being different varieties of Impheyan pheasant, partridges, flycatchers, bulbuls, cuckoos and eagles. Khaptad Park is also fairly rich in its variety of wild animals, common ones being barking deer, wild dog, wild boar, ghoral, Himalayan black bear, yellow-throated marten, rhesus monkey and langur monkey.

Here are some potos of Khaptad National Park.

Entrance of Khaptad National Park from Jhikrana, Doti.

Wetland  Trial

Bichpani Center point of the route. 

Beautiful flower 

 Grassland  (Patan)

Tribeni Temple

Kedar Stone (Kedar Dhunda)

Small wooden bridge in through trial

Kapaar Daha (Khaptad Lake) 


Morning view from Khaptad Guest House

Khaptad Guest House


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